Heat rises. Many spa owners become well aware of this fact when heat starts to escape through an old, worn-out hot tub cover and their utility costs start to rise. If you’re stuck in this situation, Darlings Beltline and Blue Water Pool Service can help. We carry several styles and models of covers to fit any hot tub brand, size or budget.

Use the provided measurement aids to help you find the right cover for your hot tub. After completing our spa cover order form, you can email, fax or bring it to the store. We will help you get your new cover, so you can start saving money on utility expenses.

Measurement Instructions

At Darlings Beltline and Blue Water Pool Service, we have more than just spa chemicals, we also have the expertise of a knowledgeable and friendly staff. We’ll be your “Spa Doctors,” helping to ensure your spa stays healthy all season long.

Unlike other swimming pool and hardware stores in the area who offer to test your water, hand you a printed shopping list and point you towards the chemical aisle, we apply our nearly 30 years of experience to offer you detailed advice. We will test your water for free, review the results and prescribe the most beneficial treatment plan to keep your spa water safe, comfortable and clear. If you still need help, our “Spa Doctors” make house calls!

Need assistance with your spa water treatment or quality issues?

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Quality Spa Chemicals from Natural Chemistry

We partner with Natural Chemistry to offer the highest quality spa and hot tub chemicals to ensure your spa stays healthy, safe and beautiful. From sanitizers and balancers to cleaners and clarifiers, we offer everything your spa needs.

Helpful Information to Determine What Your Spa Needs

  • Sanitizer: A residual sanitizer is essential to protect spa water from bacteria.
  • Oxidizer: You should use an oxidizer weekly for your residential spa.
  • Balancer: Balanced water is essential for spa health. A balancer will help clarify and sanitize efficiently.
  • Accessories: The Natural Chemistry line of cleaners and clarifiers improves the water’s appearance, extends filter performance and protects spa surfaces.

Six Spa Care Tips

Whether you’ve just purchased a new spa or you want to keep your existing spa in good health, there are some basic spa care tips you should follow. Prevention is key if you want to keep enjoying the sparkling clean spa water.

  1. Ensure proper water circulation. If you want to keep your water free of particles, run your circulation system every day to promote even distribution and proper filtration.
  2. Clean your filter. If your filter is dirty or clogged, more debris will accumulate in your water. Remember to clean your filter every four to six weeks to promote proper filtration.
  3. Clean your water regularly. Water contaminates will accumulate at the waterline of your spa causing an unsightly ring of oil, dirt and bacteria. We offer powerful, low-sudsing cleaners to fix this issue.
  4. Drain and refill your water regularly. If your water looks dull, foamy and has developed an odor, it may be time to drain and refill. You may have to replace your water more often if the spa is used often.
  5. Maintain water chemistry. Make sure your sanitizer residual and pH levels are within their recommended ranges, so your water remains protected and clear.
  6. Test your spa water regularly. In order to maintain proper chemical levels, we encourage you to get your water checked regularly.

Seven Great Models, Seven Extremely Friendly Price Points.

Choose The Hawaiian Breeze Spa That’s Right For You.




Hawaiian Breeze Spas offers a variety of popular color options – designed to fit any decor. With proper care, your hot tub will be as rich and lustrous years from now as it is today.

The Hawaiian Breeze Spa polymer cabinet offers an unparalleled look, texture, and performance. The cabinet is maintenance free and features custom rounded corners and removable panels for access to all areas inside the spa. The Hawaiian Breeze Spas cabinetry is moisture and impact resistant, therefore it doesn’t crack or fade. It is also sound proof and flame retardant. Hawaiian Breeze Spas skirting provides additional insulation, which in turn means a cost savings for the customer.

• Deep Breathtaking Colors

• Faux Stone Options Available (Upcharge may apply)

• Easy to Clean