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What Our Customers Say

Very friendly staff. Knew what I needed and didn't even have the model number.

Janetta Johnson

I came here for help with my pool. I've been a few places around town and this is by far my favorite. They were professional, knowledgeable and told me the exact amount of which chemicals and how and when to add them. We've been struggling to get our pool clear this year and they were so helpful!!

Kitten Mittens

A good place to get parts or service. Prices for service seem a little high, but then again, they do good work and back up their work! So maybe the price isn't so high after all.

William Churchill

A special thanks to Jeff for his patience and continued attention to resolve my pool pump problems. I believe he went above and beyond to get it right! It looks like the problem is solved and working great.

Robert Smith

Had parts no one else did. Also nice people.

Brian Alexander

Some of the workers are very friendly and outspoken. Other workers are rude and could care less about their customers.

Jeff Kendrick

Great place to take your snowblower, weed eater, lawnmower, and more for servicing. Or just for parts 😏

David Weichsler

Best place in the area for small eng parts.

Josh h

Awesome service and repair, they basically sell riding lawn mowers, push mowers, and other yards/gardening equipment. Also, they deal with swimming pools and equipment.

Mike Mosher

Great help with my pool water problems.

Arlene Marcetti

Fantastic job! Very impressed with the customer service level here and the owner and family appear to run the day to day operations and do a great job at making sure they learn your needs and sell you exactly what I needed.

J.T. Johnson

Knowledgeable and fast service.


These guys know parts and do it with a smile.

August Zepeczauer

Excellent company that works with! Great customer service- always helpful in finding what you need. We have purchased parts and had service done to our equipment- we won’t go anywhere else!

Pauline Besser

I love these people! Great friendly and honest.

Cheryl McOuat

Love this place. One of the longest standing family-owned businesses in the area. Extremely helpful. I highly recommend going there for any of your lawn equipment needs from service to repair or buy brand new. They are great to work with. They also carry all your pool supplies or you can buy a new one. You can tell its family-owned and operated because they really do care about their customers.

Lonni Koronka

Great service, good prices.

Minecraft Player

The place to go for parts.

Cindy Bishop

Always takes care of what I need.

Nancy Showers

Great pricing on pool supplies and great customer service.

Jimmy Glombowski

Great customer service!!! Helpful staff that will find you the parts you need.

Jimmy Glombowski

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