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pool in backyard

Keeping You Cool in Your Pool Since 1995

We provide state-of-the-art pools and pool-related services. The knowledgeable pool technicians at Darlings Beltline are water experts who are highly-trained in water chemistry testing and troubleshooting. We sell:

  • Wiles In-ground pools
  • Doughboy and Oxygen Above-ground pools
  • On-ground pools
  • Pool Liners and Safety Covers
  • Caribbean Blue Chemicals
  • Hayward and Pentair Pumps and Filters
  • Dolphin Maytronics Pool Cleaners
  • Ladders and Entry Systems
  • Pool Toys
  • Pool Accessories
  • And more

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If You Have a Pool Problem, Our Experts Can Fix It

Kids on inflatable float in swimming pool.

We partnered with Blue Water Pool Service to provide the best pool service to the people of Port Huron, MI. No matter what your pool service needs are, you no longer need to worry about finding someone to help. Our shared customers are able to go to one place or make just one phone call to consult with our knowledgeable staff for information concerning new swimming pools, liners, filters, pumps, heaters, water chemistry solutions, etc. and then also setup up repair or installation for any of these items. Blue Water Pool Service offers the following services:

  • Pool Usage Training
  • Above-Ground and In-Ground Swimming Pool Opening
  • Above-Ground and In-Ground Swimming Pool Closing
  • Above-Ground and In-Ground Liner Replacements
  • Water Quality Trouble-Shooting
  • Water Chemistry Analysis
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Filter and Pump Repair
  • Heater Repair
  • Hot Tub Repair and Service
  • Custom Covers and Liners
  • Vinyl Liner Leak Detection
  • Pool Surface Cleaning
  • Line Leak Detection and Repair
pool in backyard

We Offer Numerous Trusted Brand Names

If you’re in the market for a pool that will bring you joy and happiness for years to come – whether it’s an in-ground, above-ground, or on-ground pool – Darlings Beltline has what you need. With a Wilkes in-ground pool, you get quality assurance and one of the very best products in the industry. With a Doughboy and Oxygen above-ground pool, you get one of the single most-adaptive pools in today’s market. All brands that we offer consider the longevity, maintenance, and safety of the pools we provide our valued customers. If you’re looking for a pool for life, Darlings Beltline has the brands you can trust.

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Our Trusted Brands

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